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Best Lvl 4 HQ Base layout attacked by 8 Wookiees. This base configuration is the strongest base design for protection against Rebels like Wookiees.

This "Clone Wars Modpack" by 666rulerofclones is more of a three-for-one deal in terms of sides mods. Or a one-for-one, and it's just a big...

Top 5 Base Layouts - Star Wars: Commander Guide Star Wars: Commander. Gamer Rating: 3.4/5 Stars (3 reviews). Гайды (расстановки, тактики, подсказки) - 3-7 lvl | Клан 'Pycckue... 3 lvl. До 3 уровня штаба можно легко дойти за 1 день. В первый день игры идет строительство и прохождение кампании (чтобы научиться основам Star Wars: Commander – Best Base Layouts (Lvl 2-5 HQ): Part 1

For Star Wars: Commander on the Android, a GameFAQs message board topic titled ... +During protection your base is protected from attacks of other players. ... +Your buildings will always stay intact at their current level (be ... Star Wars: Commander – Attack Guide – How to destroy other ... Star Wars: Commander contains a little bit of Commander and Conquer, ... Read on it for some tips and tricks for attacking other bases in Star Wars: Commander! ... will have to wait until your headquarters are upgraded to level four in order to ... How to set up a strong base in Star Wars Commander - Quora Keep the command centre as the centre of your base. ... a resource you wish to save (I'm doing this for the contraband store as it is hard to come by on level 7) ... What are some winning strategies for Star Wars Commander? Star Wars: Commander - Best Base Layouts (Lvl 2-5 HQ) - YouTube

Star Wars: Commander’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats | • When you first step into Star Wars: Commander, you’ll notice that there’s a live player vs. player aspect of the game. Since you won’t have the troops or resources needed to attack ... ‎Star Wars™: Commander on the App Store - As you garner experience and fortify your defenses, you can join squads with your friends, invade players’ bases, and embark on a stirring campaign that leads you across the unforgettable Star Wars universe. Star Wars: Commanderr/Starwarscommander - reddit

I'm planning on building another shield generator right beside the current one with the idea that its shield will extend over the HQ, then rev it up to the highest lvl I can for max protection. All thoughts, critiques, and suggestions will be appreciated.

Star Wars Commander Level 3 Headquarters Base Design Idea… As I have already written in our tips for beginners article, creating a strong base layout in Star Wars Commander is essential from early on to the later stages Star Wars Commander | Star Wars Commander Cheats Ah, Crystals and Star Wars: Commander! The premium currency in the game is obviously the most difficult one to get for free, but one that … Read more → Star Wars Commander - Mission 56 - Han Solo vs 4 Shield… Wanted to see what Han Solo could do against 4 shield generators and 4 turrets. As you can see not much, Han needs a serious buff because I have yet to find ...

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Star Wars: Commander - Best Base Layouts (Lvl 2-5 HQ) - YouTube

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